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No sermon notes again today (poor Pappy, he misses them.. :P). Instead, how about some brief observations on yesterday’s Think Tank session that the elders had after church. Someone said that we should stop “naval-gazing”, and I certainly understand what he means. The last time we had these sessions, I kept thinking “instead of talking about doing things, we should just DO them!” However, I do believe this one (last one, maybe?) was needed, after all that has happened.

There were a few suggestions of “let’s do…” for things we have done, even not that long ago–movie nights, concerts, etc. Great ideas if you can figure out how to get people to come, because they were extremely poorly attended. There was also a lot of positive “why I keep coming to this church” type of comments, which was needed. Some of the most prevalent reasons were: the variety of liturgy, variety of culture/people, the friendly people, family and friends here who love me, good teaching. Those things came up in the first list, things we already have. The second list was what we would like to add, and the third list was what we would like to stop doing.

What we would like to add could probably be summed up this way: more small groups/discipleship groups, and more/better support for outreach/evangelism. I also like the suggestion of sharing/teaming with other churches in the area, which in fact is what the Youth have already started–they have set an example for us.

The list of things to stop doing was quite good, in my opinion, though I should have perhaps made better notes on them. A couple of the things could be summed up by saying “Let’s stop pretending we’re a big church”. And it’s interesting to note that even though people appreciate the variety at our church, we’ve been following the same Order of Service on Sunday mornings for a looooong time! Yes Zach, it should for sure be changed up–not just once, but often!!

Forgive me, but I just have to insert a little rant here. Twice at that meeting, I got told I was “the only one”! Someone said we should start up the prayer team again… excuse me? No one told me that I wasn’t supposed to be doing it anymore! The other one is something that keeps coming up–about reading the bulletin. No big deal, but I’m afraid I totally disagree that only a few people read them. What I think is that those who don’t read them assume that everyone else is like them! :P (Well, OK, maybe I’m the one who is assuming that everyone else is like me.)

Finally, there was something interesting that happened, for me. Someone said we might want to consider “stopping” the Dance-a-thon we had last Sunday, since there were so few people who came. I knew right away that it wasn’t the Dance-a-thon they were really talking about (since in fact, it was only the second time we’ve ever had one.) In fact, I only agreed to do that event because a couple of the leaders were enthusiastic about it–you can’t do an event unless someone has a passion for it. (And now the thought has come to me that the people who came were already over-worked, and perhaps we shouldn’t have added something extra for them, since they just couldn’t refuse to be supportive.) Anyway, I had a sense that people were actually wondering about Club House–there were so few Club kids attending this fundraising event that they were supposed to be hosting. No one wanted to actually say “Are you sure you should be running Club House?”

This is not something I can decide on my own, it has to wait for a leader’s meeting. In fact, at least some of the leaders would continue even if there was only one child coming out. The idea of course, is that it’s worth it even for only one. (I’d say two kids–since they kind of need each other!) We listened to a great teaching-sermon a little while ago, that talked about how to create momentum; the idea is that if you stop something for awhile, it gives you the opportunity to start it up again in a fresh way, which would hopefully attract more participators. I’m already getting some ideas though, for something slightly different for them.

But this post is far too long already!


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