hoop dresses, parties, pools, skidoos and chickens…

I’ve been continuing through the pictures of the scrapbooking albums, still on the one for my parents’ 50th Anniversary. Don’t know that this will mean anything to anyone else, but it seemed kind of neat to read… just want to put it here [maybe with my own thoughts inserted in square brackets]. It’s what my Auntie Sharon wrote, my dad’s sister.

“I was only 9 years old when Albert and Darlene got married. I was their flower girl. I don’t remember much about the wedding because I was so young but I do remember that my dress had a hoop in it and I was quite fascinated with that.
[Remember this picture? Sharon is the first one on the left.]

When I was a teenager in Vernonville I used to babysit for them. [That baby would be me! I guess my brother by then too.] I think they were going to parties on the base with mom and dad. [My dad was in the Air Force, and my grandfather was a veteran of the army.] Darlene used to be like a big sister to me. She would help me with my clothes and sewing. She sure could sew. [She sewed LOTS of dresses for me & my sister–AND matching dresses for our dolls! Funny, sewing machines hate me… and my sister didn’t take after her either!] I used to borrow her dresses. I’m not sure if she liked that too much. [ :) ] I remember the movies that Albert used to send us. He went through a lot of trouble to make them funny and interesting. [Hey–just what I like to do today! :D The medium has modernized a fair bit, of course!] They were always such super hosts. They had a surprise birthday party for me when I was 14. [Loved to party even back then!] It was great! And that was only the beginning of so many wonderful parties held for everyone. No one will ever gorget the Luskville parties, both summer and winter ones. Dennis was so upset when he got thrown in the pool and wrecked his new cowboy hat. [I can just hear my Aunt laughing here, and for the next one–] The time I drove Albert’s big skidoo… Albert didn’t even mind when I jumped off of it and it went right into a pole. Albert and Darlene tried raising their own chickens for meat but didn’t have the heart to kill them so we went down and did it for them. [My aunt & her husband were great farmers… this one probably had them in stitches!] I often wondered if they ended up eating them in the end. [ :D :D ]

Any time I think of Albert and Darlene past or present, I always feel happy! They have a way of making you feel comfortable where ever they are. They make you feel good about yourself and your place in their life. [Yeah, me too!!] I have so many wonderful happy memories. Thank you! Love always, your sister. [My Auntie Sharon]

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