Get out the Soap…

I know I said I wouldn’t post today… just a SHORT one though, K?

Yesterday (since the Wood Floor Job was put off) I actually got through two sermons! And you won’t believe how short I’m going to make the notes. How about a single point from each of them… I think…

First I want to say that, as much as we may be tired of thinking about it, I’m glad that our speakers are still referring to the shake-up that happened in our church. It’s something that we can’t just sweep under the carpet, and will take time to heal, and healing doesn’t come by avoiding the subject. (In this instance, a Big Mouth could be OK?) Not that they overdo it, just a little mention here and there.

In last week’s sermon, the point that jumped out at me was this:

When fear/reverence for God is in short supply, there will be murmuring and grumbling/complaining.

The point I’m taking from the previous week will serve double-duty–it can also be a Funny Thing for the week. Craig was talking about putting on the mind of Christ, and how our mind needs cleansing (love his points about how important our mind is as part of our selves, and how we are to “love God with all our mind”, etc.). Barry McGuire (sp?), a singer who became a Christian years ago, made a neat comment when people accused him of being “brainwashed”:

“Absolutely I’ve been brainwashed! My brain NEEDED a good wash!”


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