See if this gets you on the edge of your seat–

Wow, as cold as it is this morning, isn’t it great to see all those little suns, as far as the weather forecast can reach? Not a cloud to mar the picture! Meanwhile, we move on in The Case for Christ to the SECOND-LAST CHAPTER–yay!!

So of course, an empty tomb by itself "does not a resurrection make". This chapter deals with "The Evidence of Appearances". The next person interviewed, seems to be recommended by Michael Martin, a Boston University professor who has sought to discredit Christianity. He writes: "Perhaps the most sophisticated defense of the resurrection to date has been produced by Gary Habermas."

Now, here’s an example of Lee Strobel’s great writing, as he describes this PH.D scholar: "…an academic pit bull who looks more like a nightclub bouncer than an ivory tower intellectual. Armed with razor-sharp arguments and historical evidence to back them up, he’s not afraid to come out swinging." However, he balances that description by saying, "He also has a tender side, which I would discover-quite unexpectedly-before our interview  was over." (If I forget to note what this is talking about–remind me!)

Habermas did his dissertation on the Resurrection, and wrote seven different books about evidence for the Resurrection. He also wrote a hundred articles for various publications, reference books, etc. Strobel always mentions the titles of several books, and I pick out any title that sounds interesting.. how about this one, that Habermas contributed to: Jesus under Fire and Living Your Faith: Closing the Gap between Mind and Heart.

OK, I think that’s enough to whet your appetite, and prepare us to dig into it tomorrow!

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