grasping at straws?

This is the season of Dementors… man, I feel like having some chocolate!! But, a shiny Patronus would be better… perhaps getting outside to do some yard work will also help, considering the warm temps promised for today!

Why do I still feel tired, when I’ve had two good nights of sleep? Oh right, when I remember my dreams, I think I know why…

But never mind that now, on to The Case for Christ! We were talking about those two possibilities for the appearances of the risen Christ. First, it might have been legendary; since Mark reports no appearances, Matthew has some, Luke has more, and John has the most. However, the 1 Corinthians 15 creed actually predates all of them, and it has huge claims about the appearances–including the sighting by the 500. Anyway, "legend can tell you how a story got bigger; it can’t tell you how it originated when the participants are both eyewitnesses and reported the events early."

Next possibility: the witnesses may have been sincere, and reported things accurately, but were they actually having hallucinations?

"Hallucinations are individual occurrences. By their very nature
only one person can see a given hallucination at a time. They
certainly aren’t something which can be seen by a group of
people. Neither is it possible that one person could somehow
induce an hallucination in somebody else. Since an hallucination
exists only in this subjective, personal sense, it is obvious
that others cannot witness it….

Yet we’re supposed to believe that over a
course of many weeks, people from all sorts of backgrounds, all
kinds of temperaments,  in various places, all experienced

Also, because "people who hallucinate need a fertile mind of expectancy or anticipation", that would rule out the disciples, who were fearful, doubtful, and full of despair.

Strobel also asks about the "group think" possibility, but it doesn’t seem like something the disciples would give their lives for. "Wouldn’t some of them rethink the group think at a later date and recant or just quietly fall away?" And don’t forget about James, Jesus’ brother–he was totally an unbeliever, until Jesus appeared to him risen!

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