Oh my, very late! Not only did I sleep in to begin with, but Rej & Sam got me looking at other options vs livejournal, which was down again this morning! (Or at least, hopefully it’ll only be morning… I’m typing this right now on my computer, to be copied over later.)

Sooooo… I should probably wait until tomorrow to make some kind of brief summary from my 2 pages of sermon notes. It sure was good to sit in the service yesterday, instead of having any Children’s Church thing to worry about. In fact, it only took a few moments of just being there with God’s people, to feel better than I had been for a few days… sorry about all those mucky posts! ;)

In The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel sums up the evidence of the appearances of the risen Christ, with a quote from Michael Green: “The appearances of Jesus are as well authenticated as anything in antiquity… There can be no rational doubt that they occurred, and that the main reason why Christians became sure of the resurrection in the earliest days was just this.”

As he finishes his interview with Gary Habermas, Lee has one more question which he hesitates to ask, because he expects the typical “pat answer”. The question is about the importance of the Resurrection, and Habermas does give the expected answer about it being the “axis around which the Christian faith turned.”

“But what surprised me was that this wasn’t all he said. This
nuts-and-bolts scholar, this burly and straight-shooting debater,
this combat-ready defender of the faith, allowed me to peer into
his soul as he gave an answer that grew out of the deepest valley
of despair he had ever walked through.”

Sorry, but I’ll have to be cruel and keep you “hanging” until tomorrow–because it really fits with something from Sunday’s sermon, about “testimony”…



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