New things!

So. This is what has been distracting me these days! The guys got me looking into it because of livejournal being down so much. I feel sorry for the livejournal guys, I can just imagine the panicked scramble, with so many people depending on them… and probably dropping them because of it.

However, that’s not the main reason I want to change. A little while ago, I looked into customizing the themes and backgrounds, etc., in livejournal, since I was getting very tired of the pre-made themes they have, and they didn’t seem to be making any new ones. I searched, studied, got emails from support about it–but it just wasn’t working for me.

Here, it is so. easy! Again, you choose from lots of different themes–but many of the themes are customizable in various ways. And I’ve even learned about plugins! At first I tried a plugin that provided thousands of fonts to choose from, but it slowed down the site too much. Then after more exploring, I discovered that this theme does provide a few different fonts. You can’t have different fonts for different posts (or within a post), but that’s OK–at least I don’t have to live with what someone else thinks it should be for the site!

Otherwise, I can change many different colours/shades of things (though I happen to like most of the defaults for now), I can very easily upload my own photo for the header, or a photo for the background, etc. etc.!

Now to try the Share button and see what it looks like on Facebook. Next will be to import the livejournal posts, and set up a cross-posting plugin. It might be better to finish my notes on The Case for Christ, though, just to be on the safe side!

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