Did you all get outside today, in that beautiful weather? We did, three times! So, that means we’ve done it!!! One hundred workouts in 100 days!! Now we can stop working out…  NOT! Not if we want to allow ourselves Easter treats.

Two of the workouts was to walk to and from church. No, we don’t generally go on a Saturday, but we had a funeral to attend today. It was good to see some people (several!) that we haven’t seen for awhile.

Sure love being able to customize so many different things in this blog, which was way more difficult to do in livejournal. And now I’ve got the cross-posting set up, to both Livejournal and Facebook, so we’re soon ready to go! But oh my, livejournal is down AGAIN!! (Did you see the news? Even the President of Russia was upset about it!) I was hoping to wait until my Case for Christ series was finished, but if this keeps up, I’ll have to take advantage of whenever it “happens to be” UP, to import all the previous posts.


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