Now what?

If you would like a summary of all the notes we’ve been making here from The Case for Christ, you can either click on the tag for it here and go over them again, or, you could also read the last chapter in the book–Conclusion: The Verdict of History. After a brief summary from each of the chapters, Lee Strobel explains how his original investigation involved him going through all the material himself–the reems of stuff written about it. (Afterwards he set up interviews to write the book.)

In light of the convincing facts I had learned during my
investigation, in the face of this overwhelming avalanche of
evidence in the case for Christ, the great irony was this: it
would require much more faith for me to maintain my atheism than
to trust in Jesus of Nazareth!

…It was a stunning and radical outcome,
certainly not what I had anticipated when I embarked on this
investigative process. But it was, in my opinion, a decision
compelled by the facts.

… If Jesus is who he claims to be (and remember, no leader of any
other major religion has even pretended to be God), as my Creator
he rightfully deserves my allegiance, obedience, and worship.
I remember writing out these implications on my legal pad and
then leaning back in my chair. I had reached the culmination of
my nearly two-year journey. It was finally time to deal with the
most pressing question of all: "Now what?"

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