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Today is the day to think about your “Person of the Week”. It doesn’t have to be someone who inspires several paragraphs of  glowing praise, in fact it’s usually better not to put someone on a pedestal like that, right? Plus, it’s a good thing to take notice of little things–including little ways that individuals bring joy or delight to your life.

For me, it was a little girl who gave me a “stop-and-smell-the-roses moment”. She was in front of me in the Tim Horton’s line yesterday, with her mom. Such a sweet little thing, Chinese, old enough to walk but young enough to scream for mommy to put her down. Very dainty and tiny in every way! Even though she was upset, as she gazed back at me over her mom’s shoulder, she gave me a quick smile. Obviously she was used to strangers smiling at her–and no wonder!

Another of my favourite people is Eugene Peterson–everything I read by him is “such good stuff” (as well as Max Lucado and Henry Nouwen). Like the introduction to Chronicles, in The Message. I never would have thought that Chronicles had a lot to do with prayer… well, except for that verse about “If my people will humble themselves and pray…”.

Peterson says, “Christians have characteristically read and prayed themselves into Chronicles in order to stay alert to the irreducibly personal in all matters of faith and practice, and to maintain a critical awareness that the worship of God is the indispensable foundation for living whole and redeemed lives.”

One of my friends was talking the other day about the importance of prayer, I would add that worship is extremely important–that’s why it’s so hard to do, and why we often need music to help with that, or one of the praise-Psalms. Worship is different from thanksgiving; we “worship God for who he is, and we thank him for what he has done”. Worship is the last thing that the devil wants us to do, because it truly stirs up the Holy Spirit within, increasing our faith in the power of God. An increase in faith means an increase in answered prayer… which means an increase in faith, which results in an increase in… you get the picture! (This is what God’s “glory” is all about, perhaps.)


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