The Mystery at the Centre of the Universe

Don’t know why, but it always chokes me up (every year!) when we get to that part of the Palm Sunday service… right at the end, when the responsive reading includes the congregation saying “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Then the simple wooden cross is carried to the front by a couple of young people, and in the deafening quiet, is nailed to its base. Then we dismiss in silence, to begin Holy Week.

Today’s other Holy Activity is to decorate for Easter… since we know how the story ends! So who cares about that snow whirling around outside!!?

First though, better make those notes that we put off, so we can deal with today’s sermon, tomorrow. :P

Rob’s sermon last week was about the mystery at the centre of the Universe, which happens to be The Cross, before which all must keep silent. This cross is not preferred–we would rather think about God’s power, and not His “shame”, his humility. Yet this is how we see God most clearly, by looking at Jesus on the cross. We cannot have Christ without the cross, and we cannot be Christian without being a disciple… without dying to self. Sometimes we can get involved in a lot of discussion about methods, etc., which can become just a way of avoiding discipleship & carrying the cross. (“Naval gazing” instead of “just doing” it.) We need to be a visible community of disciples–uncompromising, living a life together for others, not just for ourselves.

This really fits with my desire to lead a discipleship group for older kids!


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