spoiler… HA! (only if you haven’t read HP!)

I’ve just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books. There was a lot I missed the first time, especially in the last one. Amazing how Easter-ish it was! Near the end, Harry came to the realization that he had to decide to die. The author takes you through it with him, how it would actually feel to know that you’re about to die. He was giving up his life for others. What he didn’t know, was that he would find life again!

One of our preachers mentioned not long ago, that when Christ calls you, it is a call to come and die. Death is necessary, before there can be a new creation.

One of the devotionals I’m reading these days, has been dealing with the subject of catching the vision of the special thing that God has for you to do. This topic just happened to come up, when I’ve been thinking of something new & exciting for the Fall (exciting to me, anyway!)

But yesterday, the point was that usually, “the next step after catching a vision is to see it die.” Like Abraham’s vision of being the father of a great nation “died” when his wife was barren. Like Moses’ vision for his people “died” when he was forced to flee into the desert. On and on it goes.

[T]he waiting time in which we find ourselves during the death of a vision is God’s classroom for the development of godly character in us.” (EDWJ) Because our ideas and perspectives need to be changed to His ideas and perspectives. We so often view the waiting time as “tedious rather than transformative”.

Then, finally, comes resurrection! God intervenes, and “no onlooker can be in any doubt as to whose power lies behind the success of the ministry.” Certainly not mine!

So if it seems like nothing is happening, be patient. Be open to what God is trying to teach you in the waiting time.

(Boy, it sure seems like “vision” has experienced a kind of death in our church, and definitely will need supernatural intervention… which means that exciting things are coming!)


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2 Responses to spoiler… HA! (only if you haven’t read HP!)

  1. Cheryl says:

    I was encouraged to see how many people were out for Palm Sunday. It felt a bit like the “old days.”

    • crazycathie says:

      Yes… it’s really been up and down, between encouragement and discouragement. Some people, it seems, were just hanging on to see what happens. But, there are others who may yet return!

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