Fear no uncertainty

It’s not very nice of me to practically copy the whole article here, from this morning’s EDWJ, but they don’t have a handy “Share” button, so it’s their own fault! :P

We come now to examine another area into which our Lord, eager to obtain fruit from our lives, may be leading us: that of ambiguity and uncertainty. By ambiguity, I mean those situations we sometimes find ourselves in where the Lord’s purposes are not clear, and by uncertainty, I mean the feelings we get when we don’t know which direction to take on the road ahead. ….. There isn’t a Christian reading my words now who hasn’t been called to walk this path of uncertainty and ambiguity, and there may be many who are there at this moment. The apostle Paul, in the verse before us today, was in this situation when he said: “I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there” (v.22, GNB [Acts 20]). What an honest admission: going – yet not knowing. Yet there seems to be no anxiety or apprehension in that statement. And why? Because the great apostle had died to all self-interest. Having surrendered to God, he was not at the mercy of circumstances, situations, feelings – anything. Sure of God – the one great Certainty – he needed to fear no uncertainty.


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