Oh Grandpa, tell me ’bout the good old days.

Did you know there’s a bank in Minnesota that offers to pray for their customers? It’s true! And people drive from hours away just to see this “strangeness”! And their business is growing in leaps and bounds, unsurprisingly.

Now for today’s picture. I didn’t realize when I was working on these yesterday, that it was so close to the date: April 25, 1986, my grandfather’s 70th birthday.

There’s Rej & I; my brother Albert (who made a “70” cake) is taking pictures, and my Dad stood up later and made a speech. Those words are there because my cousin Vicky & I sang that country song for Grandpa. (We were his first grandkids, born a month apart; and we were always singing together, in our pre-teen years.)

Gotta add another one… these are all such great pictures, taken at my Aunt Sharon’s country home near Kingston. You can see the edge of the Birthday Sign they made for him, hanging on the side of the house. The words here are from my dad’s speech.

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  1. albert Roffey says:

    So very nice Cathy !! it adds so much to see your comments. love it!!!

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