It’s so hard to know who to vote for. I usually try listening to my friends (especially the really intelligent ones), and let them help me decide. However, there always seems to be equal points for both sides. And no matter where you look, there will be someone saying one thing, and someone else saying that isn’t true! So how in the world is one supposed to know what’s true? I guess you just have to pray about it, and be sure to vote! And as one friend says, “we do need votes for the opposition after all, because we need an opposition!”

In any case, one can’t help but feel sorry for some people today. Just think of all the money that the Bloc party has lost… and how bad the Liberals are feeling today! For my friends (including family members!) who are upset with the election results, my morning verse-of-the-day seems to be for you. Let’s just see if my Reftagger works: the verse is Romans 12:12. Here are the comments/thoughts:

Sometimes the key to survival is simply “setting our jaw” and going on faithfully trusting that God is there helping us, despite the outward circumstances. Choosing joy through hope rather than despair, choosing patient endurance in times of affliction, and choosing faithfulness in prayer are all decisions of the will. We trust that God, who raised Jesus from the dead, can also change our circumstances because he hears our voice.

(And that goes with my previous header, about the Power of God!)

Plus, my EDWJ continues with the subject of God leading us into situations which are uncertain and ambiguous. “How can God teach us dependence unless He puts us into situations which are so uncertain that we are compelled either to choose the way of frustration or the way of faith?”


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