God’s Four Purposes for Money

So in my daily email EDWJ (“Every Day With Jesus”, that I get through Crosswalk.com), Selwyn Hughes has been talking about how God helps us to produce fruit. Fittingly, around Easter the sub-subject was “a corn of wheat afraid to die”. Now he’s into talking about money (as you may have noticed by the last time I quoted this newsletter). In fact, he’s going to go through “God’s four purposes for money”.

The first one: to provide our basic needs.

  • God longs for us to be dependent on him.
  • When we fail to recognize our need for him, we lose our love for him.
  • The more we lose our love for God, the more we depend on ourselves. This leads to discontent, as we see what others have and desire to have what they do.

“A contented person feels wealthy because he knows that what he already possesses is all he needs for daily living.” (Hey! This is exactly what my Dad was expressing the other day!)

“A veteran missionary, meeting some new recruits to the mission field, surprised them by saying: ‘The first thing I would like you to do is to make a list of all the things you think you need – then I will spend some time with you showing you how to do without them.'”

And that is not just some old fashioned story. I know it to be true of a young couple connected to our church, who are even now on the mission field!


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