The morning after The Last Night.

Hmmmm…. where’s that jubilant feeling I was waiting for? Or, the mixture of jubilant + sad. You know, because I’ve worn that beautiful blue Club House T-shirt for the last time, carried Tuck Shop over for the final night (in prize bags), destroyed the Tuck boxes that have been in use for umpteen years, planned my last Club House special event/Closing Night… Last night was the one I’d been anxiously waiting for, throughout the dark days of Lent, after all the Wednesday-night snowstorms, and all the leaders and kids that dropped out (for various reasons).

Perhaps it hasn’t really hit me yet. After all, there’s still several things to do for Club: a few more budget items to claim, the bulletin board to clean off, the gym permit to look after in case the church still wants it in the fall, one more annual report will be required I’m sure. I’m looking forward to cleaning up all the Club “detritus” that has built up in my house & on my computer over the years–posters, song sheets, photos, etc. Maybe that’s when the memories will start tickling my emotions. (How’s that for poetic!)

Right now the only memory that is going through my mind is probably my favourite: Mother’s Day, 2005. We were celebrating TEN YEARS of Club House! The kids put on several skits for the church, that they had just done for a seniors’ home, and all the leaders were lined up at the front being presented with thank you gifts from the ministry staff. I was presented with a boquet of flowers. Even before that “surprise”, my whole feeling was one of elation about Club/10 years, starting with the initial discussions about the Sunday with our pastor (Paul Johansen). As I stood there looking down at the children, I can remember my feelings so clearly: they are worth it all!!

And they still are! That’s why plans are already being made for something new for them, in the fall!


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2 Responses to The morning after The Last Night.

  1. Murray Lahn says:

    What a great job you’ve done Cathie over all these years. You kept going with Club, evern after your kid was too old. You kept going with Club even when it was really hard to find helpers. You kept going with Club even after YOU felt like quitting.
    I wish I knew how many kids in total had gone through that program at GSCC. How many of them have been touched in so many ways by that ministry and your part in it especially.
    Thank you! Thank you from all the kids. Thank you from all the parents.
    Well done, good and faithful servant!!!

  2. crazycathie says:

    Thank you Murray! Well, I kept going, but I was also doing kids’ things years and years before I even had kid(s)! But yes, I did feel like quitting sometimes… I really appreciate your comment.

    You’re making me think about kids & how long they stayed at Club… of course, YOUR kids were the first ones to go through “from stem to stern”, which equals out to 10 years…. the first one was Daniel (Tim and Jordan started older, though Tim was just a little older), then Bethany & the girls… Next longest was Damina, who we gave a certificate to for 9 years on Wednesday; and she’s followed closely (8 years) by Andrew Koyama (remember the little blonde guy, whose brother is a friend of Noah Peneycad.)

    Couldn’t have done it without support from kids like that, and especially their PARENTS!! :-)

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