“…gift after gift after gift…” (The Message)

I’ve been building up a lot of photos in my “Faves” folder, in going through the old ones.

Not sure if whoever took the picture did it on purpose–placed the girls in those positions–but I think it’s really neat, showing the perspective and adding to the “view”! (It’s Angele in foreground, Crystal “far away”, 1987.) This is somewhere in the Gatineau hills I presume. My, we were blessed to live in such a lovely area! I remember thinking how living in the country really helped me to get through those difficult teen years! (Of course, by this time I was living in Toronto and about to become a mom…)

Speaking of kids-who-once-were-little, how wonderful to see some church kids all-grown-up and on stage with their own band last night! I could go on and on, but really I should pray for their protection–they’re so talented… you know, that “heady wine” of even a little bit of fame… (never mind opening yourself to criticism as well). I started by sitting at the back with the other adults, but with ear plugs in it was quite easy to just join the kids at the front–jumping up and down, etc. And when you get tired of joining them, it’s just really fun to watch them!


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