Whittled down enough yet?

I told you Superwoman was good with scripture, didn’t I? (See previous post.) Today she reminded me of the story of Gideon.

You remember–he had a battle to fight, and God whittled down his army to just a handful of men. The odds were impossible, but that battle was won in a way you never would have dreamed up in a million years! (See Judges 7:1-25.)

You see, if our church has a turn-around and experiences all kinds of wonderfulness, God doesn’t want us to be able to say it was the… preaching, or the friendly people, or the way we do services, or the beautiful praise music. If anything happens, it will be in such a way that the only. thing. we can possibly say is: it was God.

Do you think God is greedy, that he always wants so much glory? Of course not! When our total focus is on God, it can only be good for us. (Good? More than good!!) And that would work out to be good for others.


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