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This post has been flitting in and out of my mind for awhile, and it’s as if Something is trying to stop it… and I believe it’s so important and effective that the same Something stops “it” from happening as much as possible. That “it” being: Worship. (And the “Something” = the Powers of Darkness.)   [EDIT: updates in these kind of brackets–June 2, 2013]

People often say that your whole life should be worship, as in, everything you do “to the glory of God”. Very true, but: how do you really accomplish that? It’s hard to think about it for every little (or big) activity. I submit that we are closer to accomplishing it when we have spent purposeful, definitive, time in prayerful worship. Regularly. I think that’s what it means, when the Bible says to “stir up the Spirit within you”.

Remember that great novel, written by Frank Peretti, “This Present Darkness”? The angels were weakened and could not fight the demons properly unless they had enough “prayer cover”. I think a lot of that prayer had to be worship–worshiping God for who he is. When the Israelites went out to war, they put the Praise Band in front. [Not the Request/pleading Band!]

Is it because God is weak unless we feed him enough praise and worship? No!! He desires our worship, for our own good! As we remind ourselves of how great and wonderful, omnipotent, powerful, etc. etc. God is, it bolsters our faith. Faith is what does the trick! (And “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”–so prayerful worship and scripture reading are like two wings of an airplane, both equally important. [Also of course, you must obey in order to see God work–put that seed of faith in action, order to see it grow.]) In my own life, whenever the days were darkest, I had to really just think about God and nothing else, before I could get any further in my prayer.

[This fits so well with what we learned in Perspectives about the high priority of bringing glory to God. That’s what furthers his kingdom. Furthering God’s Kingdom is a “war”/strategy that we are constantly working towards. Which again, is well-portrayed in the Peretti novel.]

I read once that when there is a decline (in… churches?), the first thing that has fallen by the wayside, is worship. It’s easy sometimes, to just enjoy the music and forget about the words you’re actually singing. It takes concentration, and because worship is powerful… the Other Power is going to do everything possible to stop you.

Ephesians 6:12!



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