None of your business!

Don’t know if I’ll do Person of the Week this time… since I’m not sure if I should choose…

the Boy who came home last week, who I’ve watched grow up from a baby, who is unbelievably about to be married in just a few weeks; or the guy who prayed several times at the meeting last night, who 2 years ago spoke about being too shy to pray out loud; or the young people I heard praying so confidently, a credit to their parents and youth leaders; or the girl who didn’t want to stop dancing last night (yes, we did have prayer and dancing in one night–don’t you wish you were there? :P); or the young girl who was so excited about her devotional she had to type it all out on Facebook (oops, no–we’ve done her before! :D); or…

Yeah, too many! I think something else instead. Something “short and sweet”, since there’s less time this morning. How about number 29, in a list of 90 lessons that a guy wrote to celebrate his 90th birthday (thanks again, Cheryl!):

29. What other people think of you is none of your business.



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2 Responses to None of your business!

  1. Dr. Howard says:

    Was sooooo confused!!!! Rej usually calls Sam the Boy. I thought “we’re getting married? Yay.” How come nobody told me?!! Now, I know you meant Jordan!!!!

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