The Son shines out of you

You know, if I had some people’s jobs, I’d be throwing my hands up in despair and saying “I can’t do this anymore!” And believe it or not, those are volunteer jobs I’m talking about! But never mind that, there is something really GOOD happening at our church this Sunday: a new member is getting baptized!!

This lady is such a delight. One time, she turned to her friend to say that I was a very nice lady–but I’m sure it’s just because I couldn’t help reflecting her! Nancy said recently how she’s so friendly with complete strangers, and inviting people out to church, etc. I can be a witness! She was talking so animatedly to the person beside her, at the concert we had recently, that I asked her who her “old friend” was (or something like that, hopefully I didn’t really say “old”)… and there was slight discomfort… they had just met that night! I wonder if she invited her in off the street?

You’re right Nancy, “she puts us all to shame”!


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