Ain’t love grand?

Full moon! And here I thought it was the late afternoon coffee keeping me awake at midnight, as it so often does, on Sundays. (Extra coffee is our Sunday-treat.)

Have you heard that saying, “A family that prays together, stays together”? I’ve also heard “The family that camps together, stays together”. I’ve got an interesting twist on that.

Today we got together with our camping club, at a friend’s home, for pot luck and lots of good conversation. It’s always good to see all the “Old Geysers”. If you can believe it, we have NOT camped together for about 10 years, but about 20 or so of us still get together a couple of times a year. Or more often, when there’s a funeral. :(  We have memories of our kids growing up together. When Sam was 3, he copied the British accent of one of them, for example. (“Deah, deah!”)

You know, we’ve been members of many small groups at our church over the years, but none of them has “stuck” like our camping club. There’s something bonding about camping… seeing what you’re like before morning coffee, or when you’re on the way to the shower… just general “living together”, I guess.

The one small group that did “hang on” for a little longer (we met for Thanksgiving for a few years after the group broke up), well… we had spent some time camping together, once or twice!

It’s funny, but when we had that special day to plan some action at our church, it looked like a lot of people in our group had actually chosen a Retreat over Alpha, and I wondered if we were looking too inward. But, when Lisa was baptized this morning, and talked about the Alpha weekend… yeah, maybe we all need a Holy Spirit, Alpha Weekend. No, not maybe, that’s exactly what we need. IMHO!  ;)

Sometimes it feels like we’re putting all our energy into being as positive as we can, and yet secretly we still feel like blaming people–anyone (everyone!)–for the Present Darkness, at our church. There really are some good things happening (like the baptism today!) But lets be careful not to be in denial, either. We don’t want to keep it buried, like a dark secret in our souls. To get it out: we just don’t know if our church will survive. But some of us are committed, and may have to endure a long, slow death. (May! God IS a God of miracles.)

It’s not as hard as when the Enemy attack is all directed at, well–me personally. A lot of this is what I’m feeling for friends, who are going through so much (or some just disappearing). But, it reminds me of the dark days when it was personal, several years ago, when Sam was first sick.

At that time, my niece had her first baby girl–a surprise! I cannot tell you the joy that gave me, in the midst of my troubles.

And our church has just such a “bright light” to look forward to! Jordan is getting married!!


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2 Responses to Ain’t love grand?

  1. Cheryl says:

    I remember so well reading the book “This Present Darkness” and being sort of amused at the coincidence that there was a “Good Shepherd” church in the story (or was that in Piercing the Darkness). Maybe there would be some inspiration in rereading those two books and looking at how they people fought off the spiritual warfare through prayer. Well, I don’t think you need to be inspired to do that, but maybe others in the church do.

  2. crazycathie says:

    Yes, I love those books… (and I’m always getting them mixed up too!) I’ve read the one several times (I believe it’s “This Present Darkness”). I’ve been thinking of reading it again!

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