This is where we moved when I was a teen, right beside Highway 148 in Quebec, not too far from Ottawa. I looooved going on walks on the country roads (starting with the one just to [your] right of the house). There was a deserted farm down that road, that my girlfriend & I used to visit (plus my girlfriend’s farm), and a creek bank to laze on, some woods to walk through, railway tracks… then you’d come back out onto the highway, where there was a small church & cemetery. I used to get out on that walk near the church, early enough to watch the sun rise–amazing! When we first moved there, I got to have the sunroom for my summer bedroom… I still remember the so-magic feel of Spring when it first came, and how cold it was, but I’d get out there with my made-for-soldiers sleeping bag. But if the trucks went by on the highway as I was just getting to sleep, I’d think they were coming right for me! :D So many memories come flooding in–2-hour bus rides to school, many Snow Days & power outages in the winter… etc, etc.

Now to sneak in some notes, from my study on Generosity, the third Pillar of Wisdom. In answer to the question “How can it be that the more you give away the more you have”, take a quote from Lord Bertrand Russell, one of the greatest mathematicians of the century: “Mathematics and logic have nothing to do with reality.” Nature abhors a vacuum, and in the spiritual realm, “Liberality and generosity create a vacuum into which God flows, enabling us to give and to go on giving.”

The other thing I want to note is a couple of twists to the idea that when you give, you end up being blessed:

  • Remember when you’re on the receiving end, that if you don’t accept the gift, you’re robbing someone of their blessing!
  • Speaking of math, how about multiplication: when you are generous, it inspires someone else to be generous, that inspires someone else to be generous, that inspires someone else… you get the picture!


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2 Responses to Magic

  1. Ken Woodhouse says:

    Wow, right beside the highway! You just get used to it and tune the noise out, right?. Where I grew up there were planes flying over the house all day and the windows would shake loudly. Visitors would say “how do you put up with that all day?” and we’d say “with what?” LOL.
    Btw, love your “twists” on generousity!

    • crazycathie says:

      Thank you! Yes, you get used to it for sure. We were also in places where we heard a lot of planes, since my Dad was in the Air Force. You kinda get attached to the noise. For example, I LOVE the sound of trains going by!

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