Nothing much to say…

I tell ya, there are soooo many things to love about this season, aren’t there? The Linden blossoms are still filling the air with their fragrance… on my walk yesterday, I saw one just dripping with the bursts of tiny star-blossoms. My lavender is as full and beautiful as always. Well, except for strange faded spots on the stems, but the blooms are just fine. It just means I can’t give any away, I’ll have to keep it all to myself!

The grass out back isn’t growing very much, but that is a good thing. As is the shade that has caused its stunted growth–I’ve found the perfect spot to put my comfy lawn chair, where I can enjoy the shady breezes all day! Even better, I’ve found something to do that requires sitting there: mending. I’m doing it very slowly. :)

With Rej being retired, we’ve also been enjoying bbq’s almost every day. Believe it or not, those meals have fewer calories for me, since they don’t generally have cheese or milk in them, and I don’t eat a lot of meat. And we exchange potatoes for rice, sometimes.

Oh–there’s our little resident rabbit, hopping across the yard… smaller than last year, wonder where its mommy went? At least it doesn’t seem to bother anything. There has been evidence of something eating some of my plants, but they are very small holes. The egg shells I throw around them seem to work.

OK, enough talking about nothing! The next Pillar of Wisdom: Diligence. That would be number 4, and in case you forgot the first three: Trust, Integrity, Generosity. (I had to use my tag, to refresh my own memory! :S)



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