Catsup time… (stupid joke)… Ketchup time? :S

Had corn-on-the cob last night, used up the sour cream to make Rhubarb Muffins, and having Mac & Cheese tonight since we have so much extra cheese (and some already grated)…. all leftovers from the party, getting used up. Now if I could only catch up on my sleep!

Another catching-up thing is my EDWJ emails (my daily devotional). I’ll have to read 2 or 3 a day, for awhile. Remember that the subject these days is “Pillars of Wisdom”, from Proverbs–if you click on the tag, I’m pretty sure I summarized the “pillars” we’ve gone over so far. For the latest one, they missed the email that named it, but seems to be “Words”, or something like that. Now it just says the “next” one, so I’m not sure what number we’re on, but it’s “Friendship”; and there are some good quotes for you. He has begun by saying that as much as some people may fear friendships, and some may say that God is enough of a friend, we also need friends “with skin on” (as a little boy said).

Paul Tillich, a well-known theologian, made the same point: “You don’t really know yourself until you are put over against someone other than yourself.” You see, if no one ever reflects to you how you come across, never challenges your views, never confronts you, never encourages you to talk out your problems, then parts of you remain undiscovered. Others can do that, of course, who are not friends, but it is best done by someone who knows you best.

…This might be difficult for some to accept, but the more effectively we relate on a horizontal level with our human friends, the more effectively we will relate on a vertical level with our heavenly Friend.

The verse he picked out of the reading is a good one: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17)

*sigh*–Speaking of being sharpened, my son has had ANOTHER idea taken! (Third one!!) He’s been excited about starting his own business, but that bubble keeps getting burst… Don’t you hate when that happens? He seems to be taking it pretty good though. Eventually he’ll find his life’s work! Isn’t there a saying, something about “Disappointments are the… something… of life”??

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