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We should have a contest for a caption for this one! “Mommy, it’s cold out here, let me back in!!!” It’s neat to see Mommy fall in love with her baby though (“OMyGOSH she’s GORGEOUS”, Crystal said)… I’d been thinking, how could she possibly love another baby, with the beautiful ones she’s got already–you know how we always think that, though we know it’ll be easy enough! And I just can’t imagine having a newborn when the previous babies are barely over a year… but I guess my own mother did it, with my brothers! Not that she had twins!

On to some short notes. I’ve been trying to go through a few of the EDWJ’s in order to get caught up. (Often there’s not a lot to make note of, since it’s stuff we know already.) Yesterday we talked about Chastity, which we translated to mean we should avoid pre-marital sex. Proverbs 5 goes over how that is just healthier for you, on many levels. Some might say that a marriage contract doesn’t seem to mean much these days, still, it does hint of more commitment than just shacking up to see if it works.

Commitment segues into the next thing Selwyn is talking about: Faithfulness, both of these coming under the 7th Pillar of Wisdom, Purity. Let’s see if we can remember them all… Trust, Integrity, Diligence, [Kind Words?], Friendship, *forgot one*, Purity… Can you remember? ;)

The Proverbs verses don’t jump out at me today, so I’ll take some from the 2 Chronicles 20 section that I’ve been keeping open, that seems to be especially appropriate for our church (the whole chapter, but I’ll just choose a couple of verses).

“‘O dear God, won’t you take care of them? We’re helpless before this vandal horde ready to attack us. We don’t know what to do; we’re looking to you.’ Everyone in Judah was there – little children, wives, sons – all present and attentive to God.” (2 Chron. 20:12-13)


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  1. Christine Belisle says:

    Yeah its Funny how we have so much room in our hearts to totally fall in love with another baby. And I have 2 more on their way!!!!

  2. crazycathie says:

    I know… each and every birth is sooooo exciting!!

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