I’m just noticing that yesterday’s post makes it look like I think of people only in terms of “resources”… which would be a total misconception. It’s been a wrenching experience each time a family leaves the church–I’m just trying not to think about it. Those thoughts do bombard one when you wake up in the night though…

So! My daily readings have been about being “strong at the broken places”. In fact, the last couple have been dealing with Failure. Confession: I did visit the website of a Big Church the other day, and was kind of surprised at how it upset me… the word might be “jealousy”. It would be easy to put our church beside theirs and say: “Failure!”

Confession #2: In the last little while, the idea has peeped in once in awhile, of totally not going to any church. Because not one of them would be exempt from the possibility of going through all this hurt again! (“Hurt”, btw, that is not necessarily done on purpose.)

But going back to failure. Selwyn shares how he learned to strive not so much to succeed, but to do the right thing. God brought him to the point and asked him “Are you willing to be a failure?” When he finally gave up the pressure to succeed and the fear of failure, he felt “released from the two things that had crippled my life and ministry”.

“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10)


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