Doing what you can with what you’ve got?

Here’s a picture that shows some of the things I like to do with Photoshop.

First of all, because I sort all my pictures into categories like “groups”, “parties”, “scenery”, etc., I sometimes like to put a “stamp”/label on pictures that are from a certain event. I never sort them into events, because it’s neat to see, for example, all the brides from all the weddings we’ve ever been to, coming one right after the other. Or, all the pictures I have of people hugging each other, from “ancient times” to present. So if I want to remember which event a particular picture is from, it gets an event-stamp. I don’t worry about dates too much, because you can always find those in the metadata of pictures, if you really want to… Although I have started putting the year on pictures in my Christmas folder; plus, I’ll put the name of a baby on the picture unless it’s obvious who it is. Also, for an event like this wedding (“R & J” is the stamp, taken from their invitations), the stamp isn’t needed for pictures where it’s very obvious that it’s Rachel & Jordan’s wedding.

The next thing I did in this picture was to blot out some of the glaring-white spots on the wheelchair, as well as the shadow that was behind Sam. I didn’t want to take away the whole wheelchair, as if to suggest that it’s a bad thing. (Also of course, it would take away too much of the reality.) Then I selected the favourite part of the picture (the centre of interest), copied it on top of the whole, and brightened it up; then darkened the background. And that’s pretty well it! I would have loved to make it a better shape (since my screen is wide), but that just wouldn’t work for this picture. I find myself cropping all pictures down as much as possible into that wide-shape–because it’s so nice when it fills the screen better!

Now that I’m caught up on things, I really should get back to my “Person of the Week”, shouldn’t I? Tomorrow is Pappy’s birthday, but he’s already had an awful lot of attention. ;)

Today… this has probably been mentioned before, but I really want to give credit again to the Board of Elders at our church. They’ve had to withstand some untrue criticism without defending themselves, in order not to hurt others. Yeah, that’s starting to be awhile ago, but the repercussions are still rippling… and I sure would have thrown in the towel by now, if it were me. Bless them for hanging on!


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