Mr. Lee’s, Cambridge OH

(Hmmm, I’ll have to correct that. Must have used “restaurant” rather than “restaurants” in my last tag. The tags don’t even show up in my “tag cloud” on the right, until they’ve been used a few times.)

Mr. Lee’s Family Restaurant that we went to the other night, was recommended to us and looked like a fairly nice place… but we would certainly not go there again! The atmosphere was just not right, and all the waitresses conveyed an attitude of being rushed and “I-hate-my-job”. So maybe it really wasn’t their fault! Rej & I found our orders to be OK (I had chicken parmesan & I forget what he had) but Sam’s “fresh” perch was terrible–deep fried, with not much fish inside, by the looks of it. What made us really know that we weren’t going back, was when the waitress completely forgot about us! We ended up leaving without waiting for the dessert we’d ordered, but we actually could have gotten away with going out the door without even paying our bill, since another waitress came and started clearing away the drinks we hadn’t finished, thinking we had just arrived and were waiting for someone to take our order. o-O  Then they couldn’t figure out at first, who our waitress actually was!

Speaking of tags, some people believe in putting as many tags as you can on each post. I was afraid that would just make too many tags to go through or look at, so I’ve been in the habit of using as FEW tags as possible. However, if I’d used more, it would be easy to find everything about all the topics I’ve ever talked about… like all the sermon notes that mention prayer, for instance. Don’t know how often I’d want to do that sort of thing though! Or, maybe others would want to…

Speaking of prayer & scripture reading (:P)… One of my EDWJ readings talked about making sure you have good things on your mind before you go to sleep, in order to have good dreams/a good sleep. I do know that I often dream about the current fiction book I’m reading. Also, remember the idea of listening to a recording while going to sleep at night, in order to learn something new (e.g. a new language)? Soooo…. I thought of listening to an audio Bible while falling asleep. The two audio Bibles I have on my computer are The Message, and The Bible Experience. The latter includes lots of drama, so in order to avoid some sudden, loud “happening” waking me up, I decided to use The Message–The Wisdom Books, The Prophets, and The New Testament. It’s easy to switch from whatever book I’m reading on my iTouch, to the audio Bible, and when I’m almost in “never never land”, to stop it simply by pulling out the headphone plug.

The first two nights I hardly heard a word, but last night when I awoke at 2 am, it was rather pleasant… sort of… to plug it in and listen to Job cry about his situation & his friends. ;)


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