Ruby Tuesday

Now for “restaurant” tags! Don’t you often wish you could remember what you ate at a certain restaurant, or which one was it that was so good you wanted to go back?

We’d never been to Ruby Tuesday until last night, and I think they are only in the States. Another one now, that we love to go to here! (Besides Cracker Barrels and Waffle Houses) KUDOS to Ruby Tuesday for having some great healthy choices! Heck, they even have a list of delicious-sounding vegetables (“Fresh Grilled Green Beans”, “Creamy Cauliflower”, “Steamed Broccoli”), whereas most restaurants just give you “Seasonal Vegetables”, and some have even given up on having them on the menu at all–you just get salad if you want veggies besides potatoes. I noticed, because I’m supposed to eat more vegetables.

They have quite a few different chicken dishes, and lots of seafood choices (for Sam). Sam ended up having Lobster Mac & Cheese, and he said it was fantastic! I finally ordered the soup & salad bar, with Broccoli Cheese Soup (brought in a square “bowl”). I decided to start with some lettuce (with FOUR different lettuce mixtures to choose from) & toppings, planning to go back for a larger helping of potatoe salad and pasta salad. But the lettuce was so good that I went back for more of it, and had only a small helping of the other two.

I also had the garlic & cheese biscuits that came with it–very small, and they don’t bring butter/marg (the cheese is baked into them), and butter/marg is not needed! She kept saying that she would get some more for me, “as soon as they came out of the oven”. I only had… enough to equal 2 NORMAL-sized biscuits. So with all of that, I couldn’t believe how stuffed I was! Especially after I rescued Sam from the last third of his HUGE piece of cheese cake (we always order it without the sauce)–and man, was that ever delicious! Creamy, less dry than most.

Oh, and I also sipped at a cocktail that had Lavender Tea in it. =)  Don’t think it was alcoholic.

So it wasn’t a cheap place by any means, but well worth it!

NOTE TO SELF: Check any comments on this, in case people have recommendations! (I know at least one of my LJ friends eats there.)

EDIT 9.10.11: Went there again the other day, and had the Chicken Penne–it was much too huge, and “OK”. Next time just stick to the salad bar & biscuits!!

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2 Responses to Ruby Tuesday

  1. Murray says:

    The only time I’ve been to Ruby Tuesday’s was in Washington DC with Daniel a number of years ago, and we didn’t really like it. Maybe it was the mood I was in at the time (exhausted from a day of museuming around Washington), or the fact that it was SO busy with lots of loud obnoxious people, but I didn’t actually find it that satisfying.
    Now that was a number of years ago so maybe I’ll have to give it another chance next time we’re in the States (by the way, there’s ONE in Canada in Niagara Falls and lots elsewhere in the world).

    • crazycathie says:

      Aha! Yeah, I’m sure it’s changed since then, with all the health-consciousness these days. And maybe I wouldn’t have been so impressed if I’d tried something else on the menu. But the menu itself (very different from the usual) impressed me!

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