Lakewood Village Resort, Ohio

Still not really posting, while on holiday… just thought I’d say that so you could laugh, after that loooooong post yesterday!

This second/last campground of our holiday, near Lima, Ohio, is another nice one! Again, our campsite is almost right beside the indoor pool/hot tub. But this pool room is nicer, because the cement area around the pool is much, much larger. Which means that you can sit at the tables with your computers, and have no fear of them getting wet! Now, now, don’t shake your head in disgust, because this is very handy for us for these three COLD days of rain! It’s too wet and cold to sit outside our trailer, and to spend all day IN the trailer is like staying locked up in your bedroom.

Of course, it’s also an excuse to visit the restaurants just down the road, which we could walk to if it wasn’t for having to cross over the Interstate. There’s all kinds of them over there–but we may not get to many others besides the  W A F F L E   H O U S E, since these are so rare just north of here!

Oh, and the internet is really good here, if you’re in the right spot (like at the pool, for instance!)

This campground is quite different from the last one, being so close to city (there you had to travel so far for anything). In fact, we’re right across from a big TA, truck stop/travel centre. The noise hasn’t been too bad though, really! But they still have some nice scenery within the campground–ponds & fields, etc. Another way it’s different from that last campground (Grand Haven Resort), is that it’s nice and flat–we pulled in and didn’t have to level at all! Not as many trees here, but you don’t want them at this time of year. We did have to pay for this campsite, it’s within a different group that is attached to our membership (AOR vs ROD)… so there is a small fee per night, still a LOT cheaper than non-membership campgrounds.

Now, just want to include a really neat quote for you, that I read in EDWJ this morning:

“Recognize that if you could not doubt, you could not believe. So don’t be threatened or intimidated by your doubts.”

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  1. Randy says:

    Cool quote

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