The Waffle House

Well, I guess you can’t find everything on the internet. I’ve been looking for that list of “Reasons to Eat at The Waffle House” that was on the back of one of the T-shirts they were selling… wish I could remember all 10 reasons, they were so funny. Things like:

  • Nothing here starts with Mc
  • All the waiters and waitresses are old enough to vote
  • We don’t close for any natural disasters (except hurricanes, tornadoes, and presidential elections)…

The waffles are not those big, thick things, but more the thickness of pancakes–but they taste much better than pancakes! You can actually eat two of them, if you don’t eat anything else. Yesterday I had one biscuit & sausage gravy, and one apple cinnamon waffle, and it was MMMMMM!! The apple-cinnamon is cooked in the waffle, not a sauce on top, and it’s sweet enough that you don’t need syrup. Rej loves the hash browns (scattered, covered, etc., terms having to do with what you want in the potatoes–mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, onions, etc.), and he also loves the huge omelets they make.

Sam had chocolate chip waffles, and discovered he has room for 1 3/4 waffles. The last time he had buttermilk waffles, which is surprisingly the lighter option (I always thought buttermilk made them fluffier/fatter). He didn’t notice much difference in taste.

They also have lunch items, as well as lots of meat options for breakfast, but who can get past the waffles? We’ve loved these since the first time we were ever in the southern states, and would love them to come further north.

EDIT: They used to only have Waffle Houses south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but as we drove home today (NORTH), we saw several more before we left Ohio!


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