Bob Evans

Wow, so nice to have a little sunshine, the huge puddles gone, and be able to have coffee outside again! Last night we finally had supper at the trailer, but the rain did come pouring down on top of the sausages on the bbq. Good thing they don’t take long to cook.

The latest eatery we’ve tried, is Bob Evans. I think I’ve seen these in Canada? The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired, although it might be what some like–hard to explain, but you almost think it’s cafeteria-style at first.

Sam & I have discovered that most restaurants (even our favourites) have some really good foods, and others that aren’t so great. He did not find his salmon very good at all, at Bob Evans; however, the deep-fried mushrooms were good. My turkey dinner was pretty good (including stuffing!), and Rej loved his meat loaf. I LOVED the Baked Potatoe Soup. The desserts looked very tempting, but of course we were too stuffed for that. I want to go back just for lunch, and order a “bowl” of the soup vs “cup”–oh, and the rolls & biscuits were excellent!–and then just a dessert, the “sidecakes”: mini pancakes with bananas & cream in between, and strawberries on top. (Yeah, I know, my Waffle House T-shirt says “Friends don’t let friends eat pancakes”!)

We actually had some frozen/packaged Bob Evans food for supper a few nights ago, bought in the grocery store, that heat up nicely in the microwave and tasted just fine.

EDIT 9.10.11: Did get back to have the “bowl” of Baked Potatoe Soup, and since they’re strawberry-banana sidecakes had just gone out of season, they let me have it with blueberries instead of strawberries–MMMMMM!!!!


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  1. Murray says:

    Nancy and I stopped at a Bob Evans in Michigan somewhere last year on our way back from Thunder Bay. We really enjoyed it a lot as I recall. I can’t remember what we had, but I think it was like a breakfast/brunch type meal – eggs/waffles/pancake type stuff. I remember it was LARGE and quite tasty. The restaurant was busy, that’s for sure (I think it was a Saturday lunchtime we were there). You’re right about the atmosphere — not fancy at all and quite “homey”.
    We’d definitely stop there again for sure, but I’m not sure they’re in Canada at the moment. :(

    • crazycathie says:

      (grrrr, why didn’t this comment get emailed to me? Maybe something to do with internet not working so well here sometimes…)

      Yeah, they have a huge menu, and breakfast served all day! And they seem to have special menus for different seasons… while the strawberry dessert wasn’t available today, they did have TWO different pumpkin pies on the menu!

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