Woody’s Diner, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Sam found this restaurant with Foursquare. People had made some recommendations there, so we decided to try it. A non-chain or franchise restaurant!

It looked kind of dumpy from the outside, so we were a little nervous about it, but went in anyway. Inside looked much nicer, the theme being the Ohio State football team–lots of red and black, with several autographed football jerseys framed and on the walls. We were early for supper, but lots of locals arrived later. (That’s what we often look at–are there lots of other cars parked at the restaurant?)

Sam encouraged us to try something different: the Sampler plate for appetizer, which included deep fried dill pickles! He was very brave to try one, since he’s never even eaten a dill pickle before, LOL! But Rej was totally “enamored” with the plate, with its HUGE onion rings and portobello mushrooms, the delicious chicken bits and potatoe skins, etc. He also loved the fact that they had a Balogna Sandwich on the menu! It was an extremely thick slice of balogna, more like a “balogna burger”. :D  Sam & I ordered pizza, and although it tasted fine, we thought the ingredients were piled a little too high on it. They had quite the list of burgers though, which seems to be a fad these days. Next time we’ll have to try one of those, since Rej is pretty determined to go back there someday!

OH–but what we should try is their “Broasted Chicken”, since that was actually their specialty (and the homemade coleslaw had high praise as well). I almost ordered it, but because there was a lot of meat in the appetizer, tried for something with only a little meat.

Really, there was only two of everything on the Sampler Plate; and we only managed a few of the small squares of pizza–but they were certainly packed high. We were stuffed! Rej couldn’t even finish the pizza tonight!


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