Exercise the right “muscles”!

Now to get caught up on some things I’ve been saving for you. Recently in my readings, Selwyn Hughes has been talking about doubt (remember the neat quote we had about the value of doubt). He also mentioned that sometimes doubt can be rooted in our emotions, and we need to ask ourselves honestly, if we are ruled more by emotions than by intellect (as important as emotions are too!)

Another day, he shared his own experience with doubt, and I think it’s interesting enough to directly quote a fair bit of it (emphasis mine)…

As a teenager, I had many doubts about the Scriptures but, one night, I made a conscious decision to accept them as the eternal and inerrant Word of God. Notice, I said “a conscious decision.” I decided by an action of my will to doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs. I then found an astonishing thing. Both doubt and faith are like muscles – the more you flex them, the stronger they become. I had been using the muscles of doubt to a great degree, but unfortunately, I had failed to exercise the muscles of faith.

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