(Let’s see if the restaurant tag will finally show up! Although I have discovered that the search box works. ;)) EDIT: Silly me, that was the “camping” tag that wasn’t showing up yet. And now that I’ve mentioned camping, I can get away with putting the tag on… :P

We used to really love the ribs here, but we’ve found them not as good lately. However, the Ceasar’s salad is still excellent, with flakes of parmesan, and bacon (though not too much bacon). The menu was deceptive about the Turkey Club however, “piled with bacon” certainly it wasn’t! It was also very dry… don’t know why restaurants never want to put butter/marg on sandwiches, especially when they’re toasted.

But! Next time we go there, I am going to just order a LARGE Ceasar’s, AND–Dessert! They have some really neat things on their dessert menu, but of course you need to save a lot of room for them. We’ve had the Dippin’ Donuts several times now, and are “sweeted out” as far as that particular one; but what about the sound of this: Skillet Cookies, chocolate chip, served IN the skillet, warm, with ice cream! Mmmmmmm!!!

Speaking of tags and such things, notice what I’ve finally figured out? A list of Favourite Links, over there to the right! Now you can easily find the things that I often talk about here, and I can give credit where credit is due!

 Another EDIT: OK, if I make “restaurants” a category, will it show up on the Home Page?


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