Embrace what God is doing!

Boy, last night sure was a great reminder-lesson for me, reminding me how stupid it’s possible for me to be! Not that I don’t regularly pray about what I do, but maybe God allowed it, so I’d not be tempted to rely on my own talents…

It was the midweek kids’ group (“Challenge 4/6”); I had some special Thanksgiving activities, but they focused too much on the Pilgrim story, you know–with Squanto and all that (we made little teepee table place-names). These particular kids are not very “americanized”, and had never heard of such things. They said their families don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. Why did I think they would have learned it at school? After all, there are so many different cultures to consider these days! I should have concentrated more on the beauty of Fall. It turned out to be a mixed-up sort of evening.

Speaking of what they do learn in school–Sam was right–I got corrected about using the “I”-word, since it’s supposed to be “Native American”, or I guess “Native Canadian”. Anyway, the whole idea of that Thanksgiving story, is that if it hadn’t been for those Natives, we would not have survived in the New Country!

I promise myself to put more thought into such things, in future. :)

Speaking of said celebration, sure looking forward to it, with this warm weather coming up!! Actually, I’m afraid it might feel a little too much like summer… I mean, Fall is Fall, and Thanksgiving seems a little weird without Fall, doesn’t it? And I may not get to wear my nice Fall clothes! :P

But like we always say, the best thing about this weekend, is getting to see Family. Nanny’s turkey dinner and homemade pies are pretty close to the best thing too, though! Oh, and seeing three new babies!!

“How can we sum this up? All those people who didn’t seem interested in what God was doing actually embraced what God was doing as he straightened out their lives.” (Romans 9:30)


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