glut of a different kind

Don’t know if I really need to do Photo Saturday any more, since I have a feeling my lj friends (where this also cross-posts to) have slowly dropped away… since I don’t really go there too much anymore. And facebook of course, does photos well enough–wonderfully, in fact!

However, this is at least a good place to talk about photos. Thinking of all the old photo albums I have, with so many that have not been scanned in yet… and there are still lots and lots of 8 mm videos to go through… gahh!! Add to that sorting through the millions of old-old photos that Pappy scanned in, and the hundreds of photos downloaded from Facebook, do you wonder that I don’t even bother to take out my own camera very much any more? o-O

It used to bother me how much we took pictures and then never looked at them, but that has all changed. We take hundreds more pictures than we used to, but nowadays we DO look at them–on Facebook, and on screensavers, etc.

And of course, Nanny and Crystal do such gorgeous scrapbooking albums, it’s not too hard to remember to get them out to look at. In fact, they’ve even taken pictures of all the pages, so we can look at them on our computers!

But I still feel like I wish I had more time to do nothing but look at pictures. ;)


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