Wow, it’s pretty gloomy-lookin’ out there, but we’ve had a great day already! It has to do with having Sweet Girl to visit this weekend, and then the wonderful church service that had us all yattering away, afterwards!

Everyone thought the praise was wonderful and the sermon fantastic… I did too, even though I didn’t hear it, haha! (I was downstairs with the kids.) But if Devon thought it was amazing, than so do I. ;)  Apparently, it continued another branch of a discussion that they were already having this weekend. So the sermon was like God was saying “Here’s what I think, can I be included in this conversation?” (Devon)  :)

As far as the praise goes, there is a new family who plays various instruments, and the young mom/lead singer not only knows how to sing–but she is very comfortable with leading worship, and being open to anything the Holy Spirit might prompt for at the last minute.

And today I finally feel like I’m getting caught up on things… maybe I’ll even have time to sort through more of the Thanksgiving pictures. Here’s one I posted already on facebook, but I’ve found the perfect quote to go with it.


and–“What other people think of you is none of your business.”

:D :D

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