“I have so much to give, and I didn’t even know it…”

Every once in awhile you come across a beautiful story, but seldom is it so close to home! This is simply from an email from my brother Randy… Now hold onto your heart, and get the kleenix…

When I was in Haiti, I spent several days at a mission. I had the opportunity to visit 53 children at a school for the handicapped. I brought 3 skipping ropes and 4 balls and a Frisbee and taught them how to play with these. It was an amazing experience. Just before that I visited the more seriously handicapped children in a tent. Many were laying on a blanket. I visited for a few minutes with most of them.

There was a little baby girl in diapers. Her hands were curled up at the wrist and she didn’t move while flies swarmed her face. I was drawn to her and picked her up and held her. I could see her smiling–mostly in her eyes. She perked up and responded to my touch as I ran a finger down her arm. She wore only a tiny knitted sleeveless shirt with a big hole on the right side. The shirt was too small and rode up on her, so after laying her down I tugged on it and pulled it down to her waist. I took her picture with my iPad and then lay down on the ground near her so she could see me and showed her the picture. Once again she responded, I could see it in her eyes and I knew she was happy just like all the other kids I did this for.

Randy says that his “heart throbs when I think about this little girl and all the others I met, and how they smiled at me when I asked in Creole what their name was, and how they smiled when I would put my hand out to hold theirs…. I have so much to give and I didn’t even know it.”

I know a part of me is right there with her and the rest of those children.  If I never go back, I will forever feel connected.

He tells of meeting up afterwards with the lady who has been to Haiti many times, and how they didn’t need to say anything, in fact, couldn’t speak…

The purpose of the email was to ask for baby clothes, for the next time he goes there. “I want to take more pictures of this little girl the next time I go back to Haiti, looking like the angel she is, all dressed up and sweet as pie.”

Doesn’t it just make you want to go out and buy a whole bunch of clothes for her?

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13


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