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Of popcorn strings and play-do shapes…

Boy, the Christmas season is just chalk-full of memories, isn’t it? And this year my tree theme is “memories”, so it’s covered with things from the past–decorations that Sam made at nursery school, kindergarten… and some he made at a … Continue reading

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My hope is based on nothing less…

Wonderful sermon on Sunday, about “Hope for Our Despair”. Brian wanted to make sure we really understood about Hope, that it comes from faith in God. I love how he negated the answer, when someone says “why do you believe … Continue reading

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Strength will come as we wait upon the Lord, we will wait upon the Lord;

Well, the tree is decorated and the cards are almost ready! This week’s busy activity is to finish the decorating, maybe start Christmas shopping, and begin work on The Letter. The relaxing activity is to read over last year’s cards, … Continue reading

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Hope and Patience kind of go together, and they are great themes for the first week of Advent. For example, if I was stuck in traffic, I might be losing hope that I would arrive on time, and get very … Continue reading

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Simple is Beautiful

If you get this blog by email (or otherwise)–come to my site so that you can see the cute picture at the top! (Go to or just click on “read more” from facebook.) It’s been a busy and productive … Continue reading

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Thank God for Broccoli

My Person of the Week this week, is gay. We may disagree on some things, but we certainly agree on others! And kudos to him, for he speaks up though he is in a minority. He’s a writer named Jonathan … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law–one I’d LOVE to BREAK!

GRRRR!!!! It never fails!! Just when I can sleep in a little, I’m wide awake at 5:30 am! Mind you, it is rather nice watching the sunrise, relaxing with a coffee. Even when I’m up before sunrise, I’m usually too … Continue reading

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Mind your business. And be gentle.

Had an interesting thought this morning, as I read about the massive cuts that need to be made because of the current debt crisis (in the States and elsewhere)… it kind of mirrors what has happened in our church! Everyone … Continue reading

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Calling you…

OK, this morning my begonias are not just wilted… However, as cold as it looks out there, the brightness makes me happy! :P Now for “happy” to translate to “energy”! Which is what I need to properly make notes on … Continue reading

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Catch a glimpse

It would be interesting to keep track, and see if every single week has thingstodo that crop up suddenly–not in the original week’s plans! That is, besides the things that do get into the plans that are not usually in … Continue reading

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