This, That, and The Other Thing

There are just soooo many little-things-in-life to enjoy, aren’t there? Today, I’m looking forward to taking down all the Fall decorations, in honour of Remembrance Day tomorrow. It was wonderful to have them there, but now it’s time to take them down. I love the change in seasons, and the anticipation that comes with it! Remembrance Day of course, means that Christmas-preparation-time is not far away at all! Yet only a short time ago, everyone was still tired of last Christmas, and didn’t want to even begin to think about it. :)

From one extreme to the other… just want to share this short quote, on something much deeper. And preface it by saying I understand when homosexuals feel deeply offended when anyone even dares to think that they are wrong, and I understand that a lot of Christians are very unloving in their attitude. But the real issue is, God loves these people so much, and hates to see them hurting themselves.

“Our society, unfortunately, operates on the assumption that we are not created but are simply cosmic accidents; that ‘male’ and ‘female’ are social constructs that can be used or discarded at will..”

And now onto something completely different again, I want to talk about those last verses in Romans 12 before moving on to the next chapter! Notice (in the ones I shared yesterday), how it says “Don’t burn out, keep yourself fueled and aflame”–great how it’s a command not to burn out–but in the very next verse, it says “Don’t quit in hard times, pray all the harder”! It reminds me again of something that was said at the retreat: that even though it’s hard, we should not stop helping others when we are hurting ourselves. (That fits well for our church, of course.) And indeed, the very next line says to help the needy. And I love the “be inventive in hospitality” part, which is also something we talked about at the retreat–that we should be open to change, and to doing things very differently than we’re used to.


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