Don’t ask for lighter, just more strength…

I don’t know anyone personally who has lost a child to a war, but I want to give a tribute, this Remembrance Day, to the mothers. Losing a child to death is hard, but also difficult, is watching them suffer.

I can’t begin to imagine what some mothers have gone through! Why, I couldn’t even stay in the same room years ago, when my own son had to undergo an uncomfortable medical procedure! And yes, I still find it hard to think about the time he had his appendix out, at 7 years of age.

One of the most heart-wrenching scenes for me, in The Passion of the Christ, was when his mother had to watch the terrible things done to Jesus. She remembered when he was little, and would fall down and hurt himself, and then run to her to make it better. How hard it is when the time comes that we just can’t “make it better”. Thank goodness for El Shaddai, our nurturing, comforting God!

It fits fairly well here, to share a little comic that Sweet Girl sent me. It’s easy to describe: first scene shows several people carrying their cross, each one heavy and being dragged along. One guy stops and asks God to make it lighter, so he saws off the end of it, which does make it easier to carry. A little further on, he asks again for a lighter cross to carry, so more of it gets sawn off at the bottom. Eventually everyone comes to a huge gulf that must be crossed.  They all lay their crosses across the gulf, and are able to walk across that way. But, you guessed it, our guy who kept asking for a lighter cross, is unable to get across the gulf–because his cross is too short!

No more need be said.


“You can’t go wrong when you love others. When you add up everything in the law code, the sum total is love.” (Romans 13:10)

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