Don’t wait for the very last minute!

Boy, we sure get some good preaching at our church. Last Sunday it was Craig, and the fun is to see how briefly I can sum up what he said!

We were continuing our series on James, now on chapter 5; the sermon title was “What are You Waiting For?” and the main idea was of being patient and staying on task.

Craig reminded us that we need to get back to remembering the fact that Jesus will Return; however, remembering that patience does not equal waiting passively. We need to stay on task, even though we may sometimes feel that we’re losing control.. In fact, we are never the one “in control”, and it’s our pride that let’s us think we can be. And we can’t control what others say or do–you just need to be faithful yourself, no matter what. (This is perhaps where I “need work”, as I’m always thinking recently, about the message being for our church as a whole.)

Near the end of this passage (James 5:7-12), he talks about not making vows, and you often wonder how that fits. But of course it does–when you make vows, you’re insinuating that you are in control! You have no idea what will happen, and whether or not you’ll be able to keep your vow. And as Craig said, you will be distracted from doing God’s will, if you have to concentrate on keeping your vow.

Since we are to “keep on task”, Craig of course talked about the Christian’s harvest. I was surprised that the first harvest he mentioned, is “generosity”; and the next ones “blessing” (doing good to others) and “righteousness”. I was surprised because, Craig’s “thing” of course, is global missions, which is usually what you think about with the word “harvest”.  But missions was indeed included in the last harvest-point. Remember that we are waiting for the Lord’s Return, and the Bible says that only when the gospel has spread “to all the nations”, will that happen!

So you see how those points have come up again–to get busy doing God’s will even though you’re suffering, and to not sit around waiting for God to take you by the hand.

“Get out of bed and get dressed! Don’t loiter and linger, waiting until the very last minute. Dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about!” (Romans 13:14)

And that’s what I am going to do, right now! ;)


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