wrapped in passion, not paper

I didn’t remind you yesterday of this week’s questions, because they seem kind of boring to me–What was the best thing you bought, and/or What did you spend the most money on? Although, if everyone was sharing, there might be some interesting/helpful products to make note of!

For me, it would be the eye cream I discovered this year. It rolls on and feels lovely and cool, works as a cover stick AND it actually is good for that skin under the eyes! The amazing thing is that it was not too expensive, and though it’s a small container and I keep thinking every day that it’s almost gone, it keeps on lasting and lasting!

As for what I spent the most money on, we all probably have similar answers, like Sweet Girl who spent so much on TTC and such things… mine would be groceries, I suppose.

Now to make this post a thousand times more exciting, here’s the link to our Christmas Letter… though you need 15 minutes to watch it!! Sorry, it’s a link to a link… but after all, you may want to check out previous letters. ;)

Now to make this post a thousand times more meaningful (and looong), I just have to quote some Max for you this morning. This article is talking about the sacrifice that we make in going gift-shopping every year, and of course switches to God’s gifts for us. You’ll see that it kind of fits for this week’s theme of simplicity:

Have you ever wondered why God gives so much? We could exist on far less. He could have left the world flat and gray; we wouldn’t have known the difference. But he didn’t.

He splashed orange in the sunrise
and cast the sky in blue.
And if you love to see geese as they gather,
chances are you’ll see that too.

Did he have to make the squirrel’s tail furry?
Was he obliged to make the birds sing?
And the funny way that chickens scurry
or the majesty of thunder when it rings?

Why give a flower fragrance? Why give food its taste?
Could it be he loves to see that look upon your face?

Every gift reveals God’s love … but no gift reveals his love more than the gifts of the cross. They came, not wrapped in paper, but in passion. Not placed around a tree, but a cross. And not covered with ribbons, but sprinkled with blood.

“If you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.” (Matthew 7:11)

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