The Moment of the Year

Hmmm…. maybe it’ll take 12 days just to say everything I feel like saying, after last night! I just want to write down all the lovely things so that I can keep them forever.

First of course, our Christmas Eve service. Brian’s message was simple and direct, about Christ being the Light of the World; closing with the reminder that Jesus said YOU are the light of the world, which Brian said as he shone a flashlight out on all of us. Then came “Sharing the Light”, when the flame from the Christ candle is passed around to everyone, until the darkened room is filled with candlelight, while we sing Silent Night–the last verses acappella (how DO you spell that!?)

Sam whispered to me, “Christmas is here now”, because I’d said that’s when it always feel like Christmas has arrived. In fact, there was “something in the air” that made it a very special moment… I couldn’t actually sing, for part of it, old cry-baby that I am! But if I thought it was only me–an older lady exclaimed to me on our way out the door: “That was the BEST service EVER!!” And that’s saying something, when you consider that she is one of the founding members of our church, and she usually finds the services long; and this one WAS long, with carol after carol, and scripture after scripture! Also, there wasn’t even the special solos that we’ve had other years… I think it had something to do with the rough year we’ve been through, and the feeling that God still loves us and is with us.

Better not keep going on about the party afterwards, but hopefully I won’t forget anything I want to say! Sam is up, so time to pour coffee and open presents!

Happy First Day of Christmas!!


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