Happy Second Day of Christmas!!

To continue with some more Christmas Eve memories, after the service comes the party. This is where I got all the hugs; although I did almost fall on top of an old friend at church while hugging Marg W., and then stepped on Marg L.’s toes while hugging her!

The party was something I was really unsure about. It’s something that happens every year, but this year we would be seeing an awful lot of people who have stopped coming to our church over this past year. Just thinking about it would choke me up, what would I actually be like at the party? And how would I feel listening to them all talk about the wonderful churches they’re now attending? Besides all that, there was one person in particular that I was rather unsure about… we hadn’t been able to resolve things entirely, but I do really miss her & her family… would she avoid me? Would she try to pretend that nothing happened?

Of course, none of my fears were realized. Seeing everyone there like usual every Christmas Eve–you could kind of pretend that it was just another Christmas Eve. I was a little nervous seeking out that one friend, but decided it was better to “get it over with” early… she hugged me, and I think she felt a little awkward when I told her we still missed her… but she was totally open about things right away, talking about how it naturally felt weird for everyone since we were all coming from different services this year. And she was honest about their present church, admitting that it wasn’t perhaps everything they could wish for. I’ve felt a wave of relief each time someone has shown forgiveness to me for my part (not just because I’m an elder’s wife, but also for using this blog as an outlet!) This time was no different!

So, that’s not all about Christmas Eve… I think one (or two) more posts will do it! ;)

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  1. Murray Lahn says:

    No matter what church we go to (or in our case “churches” until we find a home) all the people who were at that party are family to us!! We were so glad you could make it, but REAL sorry we didn’t have time to chat more with everyone. We’ll have to have families over individually I’m afraid in order to catch up :)
    Have a great Christmas and an even greater New Year!!!
    God Bless!!

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