God in a baby suit?

Read something interesting this morning (I let my newsletters build up, and then spend some time reading a bunch of them at one sitting).

It’s difficult for us to grasp how Jesus can be fully God and fully human at the same time, so we tend to focus on one aspect at the expense of the other. But to think of the infant Jesus as nothing more than a baby is to deny His divinity. And to think of Him as a fully self-aware divine person in a baby suit who never uttered a peep is to deny His genuine humanity.

Now, speaking of babies, on this Third Day of Christmas I give you these three decorations on my tree–

You see, I switch between three different themes for my Christmas tree, and this year’s theme is “Memories”. Not only are Sam’s baby rattles on there, but some red & green building blocks, and other red/green toys… as well as lots of homemade decorations and antique-style things.

And speaking of memories, gotta put down some more here, from Christmas Eve! I told you that I got a lot of hugs at that party… well, some of them were even from young people! Couple hugs from girls, and a lovely smile & greeting from a young guy–perhaps not only because these are great young people who don’t avoid my age-group, but also because I’m growing up (lol), and losing my shyness of them. The wear-purple-and-stick-out-your-tongue stage of life. Besides hugs & friendly greetings, I enjoyed a fair amount of interaction with the youth at this party. And even refrained from saying “I changed your diapers!” :D:D


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