Love is Forever

For the Fourth Day of Christmas–four little fingers (and one thumb)!

Lest you think I assumed we’d all know it was Samuel’s hand-size (did we think we’d have more kids when he was 2?)–his name is on the back. ;)

Speaking of kids, there’s one more precious memory from Christmas Eve. This kid is much older, one of last year’s Trailblazers in fact (gr. 5/6). She’s another one that I’ve really missed… I’ve actually blogged about her before–I think it was a hike we went on, and how talking to her felt like talking to an adult. She, with the other girls, made a very fun video a couple of years ago.

Anyway, my sense at the party was that she wasn’t sure about me/us (she’s daughter to the lady I hadn’t talked to since January)… but near the end of the evening we got sort of thrown together for a photo. I exclaimed “Oh, I get to be in a picture with ____!” And we just naturally put our arms around each other for the pose. I’m quite sure she has no idea how much it meant to me. (Now, where’s that photo, ALLAN?!)


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